Revolin is a game-creating SaaS tool for companies of 20 employees and more that makes it possible for leaders, office managers, and internal communications managers to engage employees through their custom games.

In what situations can you get the most out of Revolin use?

  • Onboard new employees
  • Create weekly or monthly team building events
  • Start your meeting with a fun icebreaker
  • Collect feedback from your employees
  • Share business information in a memorable way
  • Validate knowledge acquired after a training
  • Make your team meeting more interactive

… in-office, with remote or hybrid teams.

What are the benefits of using Revolin games in companies:

  • Strengthen your company culture, even while growing fast: attract more candidates, reduce turnover
  • Increase the sense of belonging and motivation of your employees: make teams bond and make employees happy at work

How does it work:

  • Sign up for free plan on
  • Create your first activity even within minutes, without any game design skills:
  • Choose games directly from our game catalogue
  • … or use templates to create your custom game
  • … or create from scratch
  • Launch: participants can play through a link, no account creation needed for them 
  • Upgrade to a monthly paying plan if you want more


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