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Our EZ Electrics team has developed a revolutionary technical innovation which significantly simplifies lighting installation, and is supplemented by smart home functions. Current systems are overcomplicated, they are based on high, 230 voltage, using great amounts of material and requiring messy, lengthy, environmentally harmful installation. Our solution builds on low, 12 voltage, radically reducing material need and simplifying installation. By hiding all the wires in the body of our sleeak, modern illuminants which come with a wireless switch, we eliminated the need for demolition work and enabled for our customers to install the lighting solution without a certified electrician. Our solution has a great positive impact not only on your budget but also on the environment.


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Marton Stefka
Marton Barath
Jazmin Rebeka Jakab
Markus Horvath
Balazs Ludvig
Judit Perenyi
Tamas Jakab, dr.
David Jakab
David Dominko
Zsolt Szak


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