Click 4 Work

Click for work went live in 2017 in Hungary; the platform acts as a matchmaker between those who are lacking time to fulfil small and simple tasks and can pay for it with those who have time for such work but need money. The platform connects individuals or companies that need urgent help with minor tasks not requiring special training or skills, and students (aged 16+) who have the capacities and would like to boost their budget in their spare time. The subject of sharing is thus time itself. Typical tasks advertised range widely from gardening, walking with the dog or small repairs in a household, to office work that could match the skills of middle school or university students. In the first 1.5 years of the platform’s life, more than 500 tasks have been advertised and 3 applicants per ad on average have been recorded. Click for work is not a recruiter, but acts as an intermediary by providing a platform to advertise tasks, search among ads, and also a private chat module for the advertiser and the applicant to negotiate the details of the mini job between; the platform also requires ratings from both parties after the work has been completed. The geographical scope of the platform is currently Budapest (Hungary) but the platform plans to expand both in Hungary (to other university cities) and in neighbouring countries.


Andrea Mészáros


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