Startups, countdown to launch! Apply for CEU iLab incubation!

January 12, 2021

Do you have a startup idea, or you know someone who has?

This is your chance to make it real, by applying for our next one-year startup incubation program starting in February 2021!

The application deadline is 7 February, 5 pm CET, and you can hand in your application here.

Why choose CEU iLab?

·         CEU  iLab is the leading university incubator in CEE, open for any startup from any industry.

·         During the past 4 years we incubated 46 teams from 15 countries who altogether raised EUR 8 million of funds and created 147 jobs.

·         As CEU is a private US university with campuses in Vienna and Budapest, we provide your startup access to three markets at the same time: the US, Austria, and Hungary.

·         We closely work together with the Department of Economics and Business at CEU, which runs top business programs on a global scale.

·         The market value of our one-year incubation program is EUR 30K.

·         We lean on a global network of partners (such as Baker McKenzie, Blackrock, UBI Global, UIIN – University Industry Innovation Network, the Africa-Europe Innovation Partnership).

·         We are involved in many international projects that benefit our startups  

What kind of services are included in the CEU iLab incubation?

·         Individual and group mentoring (our startups receive 9 mentoring hours/month on average), access to our unique three-layer mentoring system,

·         tailor-made entrepreneurship sessions,

·         participation in entrepreneurship-related CEU courses,

·         coworking space in Budapest and Vienna and use of the facilities at both campuses,

·         access to CEU iLab events,

·         an exceptional community of founders,

·         financial and performance tracking by our data analyst,

·         CEU Business Masters and International Business Law students working on consulting assignments for your team,

·         access to CEU library and research facilities,

·         teams in the incubation program will also be eligible to participate in V4 VentureDrill, one of our international projects with the aim to increase the visibility of startups from the V4 region for international venture capital.

We hope to welcome you in our next incubation cohort!

Click here to apply!

At CEU iLab you can build your network...
meet founders from all around the world...
work in inspiring teams...
be inspired by our mentors...
get the know-how you will need to build your startup...
have fun at our events...
and show yourself and your startup for bigger, international audiences. And of course, much more...