Hello, Spring Cohort 2022! 6 new teams in the CEU iLab program

February 15, 2022

This month, another cohort will start at CEU iLab. A total of 16 members of the 6 teams will participate in the 6-month program, during which they will receive full mentoring and professional support. The teams will also have access to iLab's coworking offices and infrastructure, while participating in CEU courses, receiving constant feedback on their progress, and becoming part of iLab's entrepreneurial community.

The teams of the iLab Spring 2022 cohort are:



An integrated paperback and digital solution for people who value their time.

We help people understand the past, live in the present, and shape their future. We create tools for conscious living. We have a unique vision of fully customizable note-taking, combined with the dimensions of time, and viewpoint. Besides a perfect way of taking notes, our solution provides a birds-eye view to your life, your goals, achievements, enabling you to zoom in on any area at any point in time and improve your future based on observations from the past, living the present.



A platform that builds on Open Banking to make loan applications quick and easy.

„We believe that finding the perfect banking product for yourself, shouldn't be a complex research task. The platform of Fintechnologies uses Open Banking technology to help individuals and SMEs find the optimal financial product for their needs and financial situation. After the applicant connects the platform with all of your banking connections, using AISP connectivity, Fintechnologies creates a 360financial view on the customer and starts matching financial products to them. Using this technology-supported step-by-step approach, we can optimize for a perfect fit in the relation of the customer - financial product - financial institution.”


Good Enough Storage System

A solution that supports the rapid decarbonization of the energy sector by recycling Electric Vehicle batteries as solar energy storage systems.

„We recycle end-of-life electric vehicle batteries to create Circular Economy BESS units for residential and enterprise use. Lease our affordable, secure, and green storage by-time or by-the-cycle.”



Office/5divides office space by day of the week - each day is an Office/5.

„We provide a real estate solution to the Human Resource problems of the hybrid office and help companies overcome diluted office communities, increased attrition, and wasted perks.”



Preparing students for a cashless future.

„We are building a closed-loop payment, lunch order, and allergy checking system, tailored specifically around schools. With PupilPay in-school cafeterias or shops can provide a fast and smooth checkout experience.”



Recyclop is a B2B tech platform helping excess food generators to find recipients for their food waste promoting a circular economy.

„We are challenging the status quo of treating waste as an end-of-life product by facilitating an exchange of organic waste between producers and processors. Recyclop is a B2B tech platform helping excess food generators (grocery stores, restaurants, etc.) find recipients for their food waste (e.g., anaerobic digestion facilities, food banks), promoting circular economy in the waste management sector. The platform offers analytical functions aimed at optimizing the transport of waste and mitigating companies’ environmental impact.”