COVID Strategies Nr 2 - Help others, help yourself!

March 26, 2020

1,2,3 – Do you see me, or are you running your crisis triggered virtual reality movie in your head? “We want to help combat the mental consequences of the crisis” says Ádám Márky, co- Founder of the Longevity Project. But helping others also has a side effect: a growing community.

Our example: Longevity Project

Profile: The mission of the Longevity project is to introduce evidence-based and medically sound corporate lifestyle interventions in Hungary. They lead health and lifestyle improvement programs at big corporations, enabling employees to take control of their own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

New strategy during COVID 19: The current quarantine rules resulted in the cancellation of the startup’s on-site corporate programs that were already in the pipeline. They re-designed their program and decided to provide physical, mental and emotional wellbeing support to the public to help them cope healthfully with the stressful situations of the crisis.

Open to public webinar series: They launched a weekly open to public “Locked in with Ourselves” webinar series. The webinars help them reach a much larger audience, to increase their visibility and engage with a wide range of potential future customers as well as gain valuable new customer insights.

Customer response: The first webinar went online on April 01, 2020.  They had a 460 strong live audience, with a high engagement. The webinar was recorded, and they expect more people to watch the recorded version in the following days.

How Longevity Project can help in the new situation: Isolation increases our tendency to revert to a self-created emotional virtual reality when the present reality triggers additional painful emotions. Ádám encourages us not to suppress “bad” feelings and frustration but rather to change our perspective and simply accept and observe them. Acceptance will help us deal with them and improve our personal relationships while locked in. A key to our wellbeing.