CEU InnovationsLab's autumn incubation starts with 11 teams

October 21, 2021

Challenging real estate market, enhanced community and shared experience, gamification, sports, and stream. The 40 members of the 11 teams that will start CEU's year-long startup incubation program in October come from a diverse range of fields.

A record number of more than 80 applications were received for CEU's startup incubator house, CEU InnovationsLab (CEU iLab), which invited applications from early-stage companies. There was no focus area or priority industry this year, with the main selection criteria being the composition and readiness of the teams, the significance of the problem, and the relevant response to it. However, even without an industry focus, it is telling that many of the problems were inspired by Covid19: several ideas came from the areas of digital education, HR, and home office, but the importance of personal presence and time spent together was also highlighted by several teams.

At the end of a multi-stage selection process, 11 teams were selected by CEU iLab management. During the one-year incubation, the teams will work with mentors from a variety of disciplines, attend relevant CEU courses and have access to the CEU library and research tools. As part of the program, they will have the opportunity to work with CEU students on their internships, use the iLab community office and its full infrastructure, and meet investors.

The CEU InnovationsLab 2021 Fall Cohort teams:

Barbell Notes: providing real-time data to enable coaches to become more efficient while saving time and energy by automating complex training and coaching tasks.

Bull Ranks: with trading tips and financial education content, they facilitate better investment decision-making in traditional and crypto markets.

EZ Electrics: with their technological innovations, they significantly simplify and secure the installation of lighting with smart home features.

Know Now: an app based on local information exchange that allows users to learn about offers in their immediate environment, compare products and save money with offers.

Likespace: an online marketplace that connects businesses who have unused office space with those who need flexible access to offices for freelance, telecommuting or startup needs.

LynXes: development and commercialization of frontier X-ray based materials analysis tools to foster the development of new materials and technologies in academic and industrial R&D sectors, typically in the field of Energy, IT, Waste treatment, Biotech, Mining etc.

Pine: a unique diary application to enable users to easily narrate, securely store and recall memories forever.

RECnGO: an easy-to-use mobile streaming software that enables real-time program production, broadcasting, and editing on mobile devices, and shares it to the largest platforms, without the archaic and expensive studio budgets, even operated as a one-person crew.

Revolin: a platform to help leaders and founders improve their internal communications thanks to games and gamification.

Silentio: they offer a noise monitoring tool to prevent conflicts caused by vacation rentals.

Unitsold: the solution empowers property developers to create and manage engaging sales kits, enhance cross-department workflow, and sell more units.

The teams will also be presented in person at the CEUiLab's mentor training event on 26 October, when multiple best-selling author and psychologist-therapist Marisa Peer will explore the psychology of entrepreneurship in her upcoming presentation at'US Mentor Training'. The lecture, which starts on Tuesday 26 October at 16:00, will be followed by startup presentations from 17:00 at the CEU Nádor Street building. The event is free of charge but registration is required. To register, please visit the CEU website.

The CEU can only grant access to the building to those with a vaccination card, the use of a mask is mandatory.