CEU iLab teams in focus of attention of US investors and industry experts

February 21, 2020

A delegation of 14 US angels investors, VCs, representatives of US corporates, incubators, hubs and universities made a visit to CEU iLab under the framework of ENRICH in the USA European roadshow organized by European American Enterprise Council.

Jennifer Kane-Zabolotskaya, Commercial Counsellor of the US Embassy in Budapest (center) listening to the pitching teams

The idea behind the roadshow is to bring key players of the US startup ecosystem to European innovations centers where they can directly meet and help European startups with their experience and network to open towards the US market.

CEU iLab’s intention with hosting the event was to showcase what the Hungarian startup scene has to offer. It makes us very proud that the delegation was very impressed with our pitching teams Brokerchooser, Befluence, Plantcraft, Daquini, Family Finances, Walters Cube and Phisy.

Csaba Hetenyi, founder of Plantcraft

The pitches were followed by speed dating sessions between founders and members of the delegation, enabling iLab teams to better understand the US market opportunities and create the first important contacts that pave the way for further cooperation.

Blandine Chantepie- Kari, Vice President of EAEC speed mentoring Ditte Szabo, founder of Kider App

The ENRICH program offers a number of ways to make the journey of European innovators to the US market smoother by enabling them to learn about US opportunities from home, helping them explore the US research and innovations landscape, providing them with a network and in-debth mentoring and training.

We at CEU iLab plan to deepen the cooperation with the ENRICH in the USA program and EAEC in the future. It is in our focus to help startups from the region with their entry to the US market and ENRICH can be a key player in this endeavor.

Val Livada, Advisor at InBiA, Mass Robotics, MIT Materials Research Laboratory speed mentoring Tyagi Pallava and Balazs Farago from Walter’s Cube