CEU iLab Pushes Forward the Idea of Entrepreneurial University

September 25, 2020

CEU iLab director Andrea Kozma presented the concept of the entrepreneurial university at the Post-University conference, organized by CEU Department of International Relations, aiming to enhance new practices for the university of the future.

The idea behind the entrepreneurial university is to bring entrepreneurial thinking into the academy – something that we practice on a daily basis at CEU iLab.

What do we mean by that?

- Focusing on the real needs of students and the skills they will need on the market

- Strengthening industry collaboration and partnerships

- Learning by doing, as research suggests that 80% of learning comes from doing things and experimenting rather than listening to frontal lectures

Whether you are a CEU or an external team, CEU iLab is a place and community where you can bring your idea and get support to develop it into a real product.