CEU iLab and Regional Partners to Create a Stronger Visegrad Startup Ecosystem

July 8, 2020

At CEU iLab we have recently started working on a project with V4 partners with the aim to create a strong Visegrad startup ecosystem that appears on the radars of international investors.

The project is financed by the International Visegrad Fund.

It is our pleasure to work with super-inspiring and knowledgeable colleagues from Startup HUB Poland, AI Startup Incubator in the Czech Republic and Civitta Slovakia.

The project focuses on creating cross-border platform to connect startups with investors and a tool-kit to help them launch markets in the other V4 countries. It is crucial to detect and support high potential start-ups throughout their journey to scaling up.

The Hungarian chapter of the project starts in January 2021. Under the framework of the project, 12 carefully selected pre-seed or seed startups from Hungary will participate in a Bootcamp with VCs and gain access to an online library with lectures and an exercise path to deepen their knowledge about scaling up.

Updates about the project will be regularly posted on the iLab website and social media channels as well as on the project website.