Big players in the US startup ecosystem to train CEE mentors

September 24, 2021

Best-selling author Marisa Peer, who has mentored Hollywood stars, GAN founder Patrick Riley, who is responsible for supporting more than 10,000 startups, and Bill Aulet, head of the Martin Trust Center forMIT Entrepreneurship, a bastion of entrepreneurship in higher education, will also present at CEU InnovationsLab mentor training sessions.

One of the secret weapons of every successful startup is a great mentor. By sharing his or her knowledge and experience, a mentor not only lays the foundation for the success of the team he or she mentors but also contributes to the development of the entire startup ecosystem. This is what CEU's incubator house, CEU InnovationsLab, wanted to promote when it launched its startup mentor training program this spring in partnership with the US Embassy. More than 170 mentors have so far participated in the training, which focuses specifically on the practices of the overseas ecosystem, but also provides knowledge that can be applied in the CEE environment. Following the Techstars and MIT Enterprise Forum Cambridge mentors, this autumn there will be three opportunities to learn from the big players in the US startup ecosystem: in chronological order, Patrick Riley, Marissa Peer, and Bill Aulet will give hands-on training at the invitation of CEU iLab.

On 30 September, Patrick Riley, CEO of the Global Accelerator Network (GAN), will show with live examples how we as mentors can help our startups to get the right opportunities: what support do they need, and what and how much human and financial resources are needed to make a real and measurable economic impact for startups?

At just 40, Pat Riley has grown his Techstars project into an independent and now powerful umbrella organization. GAN and GAN Ventures now have a presence in over 120 US cities and have directly or indirectly helped over 10,000 startups become successful businesses through their accelerator and investor programs. Thanks to their outstanding network of relationships, they work with partners such as Hubspot, Agora, UPS, Microsoft, and Zendesk.

Patrick Riley

The second speaker of the autumn season will be Marisa Peer ,an internationally renowned, award-winning therapist and author, who will address a topic that often plagues the startup world, but is undeservedly neglected. Impostor syndrome, the lack of confidence and doubt in our abilities and successes, is a problem that hampers the success of many startup founders. During the training, mentors will gain practical knowledge and actionable tipson how to support the mental health of their mentees and help them overcome the barriers caused by self-doubt.

Marisa Peer regularly works not only with business leaders but also with Hollywood stars and Olympians. As a five-time best-selling author and founder of the 'I am Enough' movement, she has developed practical advice and techniques to boost self-doubt.

Marisa Peer

As the final part of the training series, on 24 November, Bill Aulet, Director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, wil ltalk about the background and key features of his self-developed methodology, 'Disciplined Entrepreneurship'. Mentors will learn that an entrepreneurial mindset can be taught, and what steps a startup needs to go through to get its product to the market with the best possible chance of success.

Bill Aulet has been promoting entrepreneurship for 25 years. In 2013, he published his book 'Disciplined Entreprenuership', which summarises in 24 points how to turn an idea into an innovative business. The book has been translated into more than 20 languages and Bill Aulet has become one of the most important resources in the startup ecosystem as the director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship and a professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Bill Aulet

CEU's iLab startup mentor training program, based on US models, is open to any startup founder, business leader, or expert who is willing to share their knowledge as a mentor. The program aims to equip mentors with the know-how, tools, and best practices to help startup teams open a path to sustainable growth.

Training for Startup Mentors - Best Practices from USA:

30 September, 5 PM

Patrick Riley: Creating opportunities for startups tobuild powerful businesses

After the presentation, dinner and an interactive 'MentorMadness' program with the Momentan Company

26 October, 4 PM

Marisa Peer: Behavioural Aspects of Entrepreneurship

24 November, 5 PM

Bill Aulet: Disciplined Entrepreneurship - Creating Moreand Better Entrepreneurs

The program is free to attend but registration is required.To register, visit the iLab website:

The program will take place at CEU's Nádor street campus inBudapest and due to the virus situation, speakers will be logged in live online.The training is in English, advanced English language skills are required.