Befluence is the first Hungarian startup to participate in Google’s prestigious Marketing Innovation Program

February 17, 2020

Befluence was recently selected from thousands of applications to participate in Google’s Marketing Innovation Program (MIP). MIP is a 6-month incubation program for tech companies with a potential to shape the future of marketing. Successful graduates of the program can join the Google Partners program after the incubation period.

Befluence has been in CEU iLab’s incubation program since October 2019. The company sets out to make the impact of the influencer marketing campaigns measurable so that both companies and influencers can get an accurate picture of the performance of their campaigns. Befluence builds upon a powerful machine learning system that is able to make a prognosis on which influencers make a perfect match for any given campaign.

Google might not seem an obvious platform for an influencer marketing strategy, but this is exactly where Befluence wants to revolutionize the market. The visuality required for influencer campaigns made Facebook and Instagram the primary choice so far. By offering a Google Adwords API, Befluence is opening up influencer marketing towards the realm of Google.