2 iLab Alumni Teams Among startuponline.hu's Top 15

April 9, 2021

StartUP! Magazin 's first „Top 15 Startups and Top 15 Scaleups in Hungary” ranking is finally out. It makes us proud that there are CEU InnovationsLab alumni teams in both categories, ff. next (previously Family Finances) in the startup and BrokerChooser in the scalup category.

CEU iLab director Andrea Kozma served as a member of the jury during the selection process: "I hope this year started a tradition which will inspire future startups and scaleups to benchmark themselves against this years' top performing companies: NOW technologies, dicomLAB, and D-TAG Analytics Inc. in the startup category Bitrise, Omixon, and Starschema in the scaleup category. The fewer ovelap there will be among the top 15 companies in consequitive years the stronger our startup ecosystem will be. Congratulations to all 30 teams!".