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Mentors are the secret game changers for our successful startups. By freely sharing their experience and knowledge they leave their footprint on both the teams and the entire startup ecosystem.  They contribute to creating sustainable, high-impact companies that change the world for the better.

Become a Mentor

Why become a mentor?

Accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship

Your guidance will help a team turn an idea into solution that creates value for people.

Shape the next generation of startuppers

As a mentor you can contribute to the success of the future generations  and show prospective leaders what they can become.

Profit from the global CEU iLab network

CEU is the region’s leading, US university with campuses in Budapest and Vienna.  At CEU iLab we participate in  innovation-related projects on a global level. We are happy to involve you in this network.

Mentoring at CEU iLab


Each team participating in the CEU iLab incubation is matched with a lead mentor based on the team's needs and the mentor's experience. The mentor and the team meet online or offline once a month for a 1-hour session where they discuss the team's strategic directions. This way the mentor guides the team through the entire one-year incubation process.

Skill mentor

Unlike the lead mentor who gives general and regular guidance to teams, the skill mentor is available for the teams for a one-time consultation in a specific domain, based on the skill mentor's expertise (such as sales, business planning, UX design, marketing etc.)

Earn the CEU iLab mentor badge

Our active mentors earn the CEU iLab mentor badge that they can share throughout their social media channels.

Our Mentors

András Sztaniszlav
Strategic Communication, Reputation Management, Stakeholder Management, PR, International Relations, Leadership
Flóra László
Non-profit management, Community building, Strategic planning, Civic engagement in HE
Illés Galló
Start-up Sales, Corporate Sales, 0 to 1 Business Growth, Sport Leadership & Management
János Kukoricza
Business Development, Innovation Management, Sustainability
Leo Weinek
Go-to-market Strategy, Product and Service Design, Expansion, Corporate Governance
Michael Bist
Business Development, Crisis Management
"At CEU iLab quality matters."
Tibor Bedő
Business Development, Fintech


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