Global Startup Bootcamp

CEU iLab Global Startup Bootcamp

CEU iLab’s highly interactive Bootcamp helps you develop entrepreneurial skills and set up a robust business development process. You will analyze and discuss real-life business situations with world-class faculty and startups in iLab’s incubation program.
The Bootcamp will be held in person in Budapest, Hungary.

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Why choose CEU iLab Bootcamp?

Learn by doing

The Bootcamp will give you a thorough understanding of the business development process. The course format uses experiential learning tools, discussions, situation games, case studies, interview sessions as well as presentations.

Go from idea to pitching

Throughout the course you will participate in a team assignment where you can put everything you learn into practice. At the end of the two weeks you will pitch for a professional jury.

Build your network

You will be guided through the business development process by world-class faculty and mentors. Meeting and interviewing guest entrepreneurs and iLab startup teams will give you an opportunity to analyze and assess real business cases.

Boost your business

All participants are offered individual (or group) consultation opportunity to discuss their individual business ideas or current business development issues/problems.

Get an entry ticket to CEU iLab incubation

Successful graduates of the Bootcamp will become CEU iLab alumni and will qualify to apply to CEU iLab incubation.

"Participating in CEU iLab’s Global Startup Bootcamp gave me a model on how to make my company sustainable and profitable."

Edit Szabo

CEO, Founder of Kider App


CEU iLab Bootcamp’s educational content is based on the following 5 pillars:

Enterpreneurial Thinking

Develop an attitude, mindset, and skills that are essential for starting a new venture. Learn from expert entrepreneurs and the lessons they’ve picked up through years of building ventures. Acquire the principles and logic of effectuation.

Enterpreneurial Cycle

Learn how to write a powerful business plan, and how to use it for successful external communication, especially with potential investors. How can we harvest the highest value resulted by business development? Exit options and value maximization.

The Business Idea

A good venture idea may determine a startup’s future. We discuss how entrepreneurs can approach idea generation professionally, how to generate innovative ideas and how to select the most promising ones. Practical examples are used to illustrate the methodology.

Marketing and Branding Cycle

It is crucial for a startup with limited resources to have carefully defined targets who would be really devoted to your business. Also, your marketing plan should be a solid support to your strategy and need to be translated to tangible deliverables and clear communication messages.

Enterpreneurial Finance

The finance module aims to help entrepreneurs raise their awareness of finance and to use financial information to develop business plans, improve operational and strategic decisions and assess their startup’s on-going performance.

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Bootcamp Faculty

Eva Halasz
CEU iLab mentor and visiting faculty
Gabor Baranyai
senior lecturer, CEU Department of Economics and Business
Gyorgy Bogel
Joy Chan
Department of Economics and Business, CEU
Nenad Apostoloski
Department of Economics and Business, CEU

Bootcamp Management Team

Agnes Schram
Operations Manager
Andrea Kozma
CEU InnovationsLab Director
Nora Wagner-Varady
Outreach and Partnerships


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