Team Stories: Unique Recipes on How To Create Success From Nothing

Nóra Radó
July 14, 2022

We are launching an interview article series to introduce CEU iLab teams, their hopes, dreams, challenges, obstacles, and their biggest successes. And of course, we will ask them about their source for inspiration when everything seems to be falling apart, no matter whether that’s a spirit animal, a comfort food, or a run in the park. Stay tuned!

Did you know there is an iLab team that has built the digital twin of a Hungarian city in the countryside to make it more environmentally sustainable? Or did you know that a French-Hungarian team wants to make the life of HR and communication teams easier with gamification? What about the solution for reducing noise so that AirBnBs could live in peace with communities that don’t appreciate parties after 11?

CEU iLab teams are diverse, unique, talented and want to make the world a better place. With our new interview series, we would like to show you what these incredible teams do and how they progress on their own journey.

As you already know CEU iLab is a unique accelerator in Central and Eastern Europe making entrepreneurship more accessible by providing mentoring, know-how, network and community for high-impact teams, while linking business with academia in a masterful way. We accept teams with a sense of purpose and power to make change happen, and our statistics simply prove our point.

CEU iLab teams have already raised 13 million euro in funds, created 230 jobs and employed 152 CEU university students for their projects. At the very moment, we have 20 teams in incubation with a diverse portfolio ranging from the cryptomarket through environmental sustainability to entertainment, and an even more diverse palette when we look at our alumni teams spreading the word about CEU iLab in every corner of the world. So, come join us in discovering the successes, hopes and fears of these talented people, and we hope that through their stories you can find something that can enrich your own life! 

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