iLab strives to become a leading incubator in the region and beyond, a major contributor to the entrepreneurial ecosystem that raises and educates entrepreneurs.


At iLab, we aim to enable our teams to create a great business all the way from idea to commercial viability and set best practices in entrepreneurship education.

Our Values

We always

Our teams and faculty are constantly hungry to learn. Complacency is not our thing. University courses, guest speakers, our own courses and masterclasses and a variety of conferences we attend and organize keep inspiring us.

We love
to share

We do not just share a wonderful office in the heart of downtown Budapest: we love to share knowledge and ideas with each other.

We thrive
on dynamism

We are always ready to challenge and change in an agile way, constantly creating opportunities for our teams

We are

Both our teams and faculty are open to new ideas and ready to move out of your comfort zone experimenting and trying new things.


Agnes Schram
Andrea Kozma
Business Development, Fundraising, Investor Relationship Management
Bacsa Donatella
Balázs Rákóczi
Donatella Bacsa
Kozma Andrea
Üzletfejlesztés, Fundraising, Befektetői kapcsolattartás
Maria Vadasz
Nora Wagner-Varady
Rakoczi Balazs
Schram Ágnes
Vadász Mária
Wagner-Várady Nóra

iLab Heads of Sectors

Bernat Daniel
Üzletfejlesztés, üzleti coaching és tervezés
Daniel Bernat
Business development, Business coaching and planning
Laszlo Pinter
Pintér László
Péter Szilágyi
Szilágyi Péter